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Medical Specialties:

  • Internal Medicine
  • Podiatry
  • Women’s Health
  • Aesthetics

Tri-Valley Medical Center is a patient-focused medical practice. Our goal is to provide our patients with the most effective, comfortable and efficient healthcare possible. These are a few of the strategies that we employ to achieve this goal.

Extended length visits

We schedule generous appointment times to ensure that you are not rushed in and out of the office and that all your questions are answered and concerns addressed.

Flexible appointment scheduling

The schedule is structured so you can usually be seen the same day or the next day after you call. Many of our patients are busy and time-pressured. We work diligently to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Minimal waiting times

Of course, on rare occasions, emergencies do come up, but most often patients are seen right on schedule. Our waiting room has the most comfortable seating in San Ramon. Nonetheless, our staff strives to maintain an efficient schedule so that our patients can be seen quickly.

Prompt prescription refills

If you need a medication refilled, contact your pharmacy or call us. Either way, we will authorize your refills the same day, except in certain rare circumstances.

Pleasant, courteous office staff

We maintain extremely high standards of customer service in the office. We treat patients as if they were members of our own family.

Focus on wellness

At Tri-Valley Medical Center we advocate health promotion, not just the treatment of disease. We address diet, sleep, exercise, mood, and energy along with routine medical problems. We provide guidance on physical activity, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and lifestyle changes. We manage diabetes, hypertension, depression, and high cholesterol with great care and precision, using scientifically validated, research-based methods.

For your convenience, we have made all of our required forms available online. We encourage you to download and complete these forms prior to your scheduled visit. Forms are located on the middle right of this page.


Tri-Valley Medical Center
1081 Market Place, Suite 200
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: 925-201-6830
Fax: 925-866-8802

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